Month: July 2020

Put a Bow on It

Before life drifts too far downstream, I want to take a moment to share a few more photos from our recent boat trip. When I left you, we were hanging out on Bainbridge Island with Fiona Bean and her new owners. From there, we travelled around the south end of the Island and then north …

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My Little Friend

Rusty died today, not by accident but by design. One day after his seventeenth birthday the vet came and stopped his heart. He looked at us and said one last “meow”. I guess the shot hurt. God, this is hard. Say what you will about pets vs. people, losing anything that you love is wrenching. …

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A Change of Perspective

“Hey”, Mike said as his friend Chip walked into the bar. “How’s it hangin’?” “I wouldn’t know”, Chip sighed. “It hasn’t gotten much action lately.” Bob thought that Chip looked kind of down. Not like his usual self. “What are you talkin’ about, pal? Judy’s hot.” “I guess we’ve just gotten a little tired of …

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