Return to Granite Mountain

Did you ever wake up on a sunny morning that was not too hot and decide that you wanted to take a hike that was not too long and not too hard? Then Granite Mountain is for you!

by Steve
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Return to Granite Mountain

"Return to Granite Mountain": what a great name for an adolescent adventure novel.

Except that some red state parent who never read the book would petition to have it removed from their local library. Why? Who knows? Perhaps "Granite Mountain" is secret "groomer" code for some other large, hard object.

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Faithful readers may recall that we've been to Granite Mountain before. It offers an interesting variety of scenery along a smooth six mile trail.

The hike begins in a kind of boulder garden before leaving the big rocks behind as the trail circles the mountain itself. In this short post, I want to focus on a few of the boulder formations.

Bonus: this hike answered the theological question, "What happens to a cactus when it dies?"

It sprouts wings and goes to Heaven.

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