Gods and Others

What to do on a rare cold and wet day in Arizona? See what's new at the Phoenix Art Museum.

by Steve
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Gods and Others

Mary Anne was sad. She thought the Barbie exhibit had opened, but we were a week early. Expect photos of that, including the Barbiemobile, to be forthcoming.

In the meantime, I offer you a brief study of some of the Gods of the East from an exhibition called Expanding Darshan: Manjari Sharma, To See & Be Seen.

These are photographs "natural", not retouched by Photoshop. The "gods" are well-known: a Bollywood actor, a news reader, and so on.

Vishnu, God of Preservation
Ganesha, God of New Beginnings, and Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity and Fertility
Some goddess astride some kind of bird. I should take better notes.
Kali, Goddess of Mercy, Language, and other things, and Shiva, the Destroyer and Restorer.

Back on Planet Earth, here are a few things at caught my eye as we strolled the other Northern wing galleries.

Nude Man by Viola Frey
I saw this same work at the Seattle Art Museum a few years ago. It's by Kehinde Wiley.
A piece from the emerging artists gallery. See my previous comment about taking better notes.
From the Archaeology of Memory exhibition by Amalia Mesa-Bains

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