We visit a small, artsy town in the southeastern corner of Arizona.

by Steve
3 min read

We've heard about Bisbee for as long as we've been coming to Arizona. Its reputation as a nest of artistic folks surrounded by rolling hills and interesting hikes is well-deserved.

Bisbee, just a few miles from the Mexican border is in Cochise County, which made itself famous for its refusal to certify votes in the 2022 midterm elections. Why? Well, no one can say quite why. But I'll leave the discussion of this particular example of MAGA idiocy to someone else.

We arrived mid-afternoon and set out on an exploratory walk about town. Let's start with a quick look at our hotel. It's supposed to be haunted. If we experience anything unusual, I'll mention it in a future post. If I'm still alive.

Here are a few shots taken in town. That's our hotel at the upper left.

Houses and businesses are stacked one atop another.
That, kids, is a Rambler American.

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