Buckskin Mountain

Buckskin Mountain State Park is about 20 miles south of Lake Havasu City. We drove there today to take a look.

by Steve
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Buckskin Mountain

Just south of town, about 10 miles or so, Lake Havasu ends and the Colorado river forks into two flows. The westernmost is still called the Colorado, while the eastern becomes the Bill Williams.

Buckskin Mountain State Park is another few miles south of the fork at a bend in the Colorado River. Despite its name, the park is all about the river. It's a pleasant spot primarily used for trailer camping and some boating.

We drove down this morning to take a look and wound up walking a short trail to see the river from a higher elevation.

An old mine cart at the trailhead contains various mineral-bearing rocks. None are particularly valuable, I suppose.
After a short initial climb, the trail crossed the highway and continued into the rolling hills.
I love that they made a little fortress to protect this tiny cactus beside the trail.
A view of the surrounding hills from the highpoint of our walk.
Looking north along the Colorado River.
I've never seen a pontoon boat trying to go fast before. It's amusing.
The downward leg of this short circular loop trail. Up-and-down the bumps.
We found this little guy at trailside proudly showing off his weird version of flowers.

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