A Study in Contrasts - Part 2

We spent the afternoon far from the British Empire.

by Steve
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A Study in Contrasts - Part 2

Several people mentioned a nearby walk down a wash (a dry channel that sometimes floods) to the lake. Having avoided the “Trust Me” burger for lunch, I decided that I was up to the task.

The start (see above) was not promising. But the walking was easy and after a while, we decided that we were enjoying ourselves. Some of the rock formations were different than elsewhere. And then there was the “hermit’s hut” that we found along the way.

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Weird, blobby layered rock.
The rocks are uninteresting. I liked the color of the trees - reminiscent of Autumn in a more temperate climate.

As we approached the lake end of this out-and-back walk, we found our way obstructed by a newly constructed road. Luckily we could scuttle through the drainage pipes.

Why a new road? For access to a development of snazzy homes.

Having encountered the road and homes, we decided that there was nothing new to see between there and the lake. So we turned around and headed back to town.

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