Taste: Intrinsic or Acquired?

To some, a desert walk is a bore. Others see more than cactus and rock.

by Steve
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Taste: Intrinsic or Acquired?

When I told my mate Al that I was going to drive from northern Queensland to visit him in Brisbane, he said, "Take the Inland Highway."

"Why?", I asked. "Isn't it a lot of dust and not much else?"

"You'll find that it has a kind of beauty", he replied.

I was thinking of Al and his good advice as we walked a trail in the Tonto National Forest. A few AllTrails reviewers described the hike as boring once it turned from the river.

I disagree. What do you think?

Poised to begin our five-mile, relatively flat hike.
The walk begins along the Salt River.
I thought at first that this was a cave, but it's identified as an oven. Notice the man-made stonework at the top.
It must be hard to be a cube trying to roll downhill!
Gotta love Cactus. Sure, this bare rock face seems like an ideal place to grow.
Back to the Salt River.

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