Road Trip to London (Bridge)

When I last laid eyes on the London Bridge, it had just arrived in Lake Havasu City. It was supposed to be a magnet for development and tourism. We came to see how it had worked out.

by Steve
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Road Trip to London (Bridge)

We drove west to Lake Havasu City to do some hiking and check on the state of Old London Bridge.

Last time I was here, the bridge had just been reassembled after transport from London. It's new role: connect a faux English village to an empty Island in the Colorado River. We wanted to see what had changed in the last 45 years. Spoiler alert: a lot.

It's fashionable among a certain set to claim that the purchasers thought they were buying the Tower Bridge, you know the one with the tall towers that lies just by the Tower of London. Well, Americans are not so astute as the cunning British who seized the opportunity to leave the EU, but I'm pretty sure that the “wrong bridge” story is false.

Anyway, we drove through heavy rain showers interspersed with sunshine, stopping in Wickenburg for lunch and Parker for jerky.

Doesn't look like much, but this serving of biscuits and gravy was delicious.

Welcome to Merry Olde Lake Havasu City!

There was a hot rod gathering in town. I could have taken about a zillion photos of the interesting, shiny cars. But I didn't, so you're spared. Except for a few that I couldn't resist.

I've never seen a Morris Minor given the hot rod treatment before.

We booked a one bedroom unit at a Wyndham timeshare resort. For a very reasonable price, we landed a well-equipped, immaculate condo with a fully equipped kitchen. Not that we plan to make much use of it.

The adobe-like buildings look kind of grim, but are not. Arizona commercial architecture doesn't always photograph well. But note the cornhole game. Fun!

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