Steve Pellegrin
August 2, 2009

Integrating OSBF-Lua with SquirrelMail

I have written a SquirrelMail plugin that allows users to easily train messages as spam or nonspam. Read all about Training via SquirrelMail for CRM114. Get the equivalent OSBF-Lua versions of the necessary software here:

Automated Training from Corpus

One of the strengths of OSBF-Lua is its training method: TONE-HR. If you use my training scripts, they will compile a corpus of known spam and nonspam messages for each user. Using two additional scripts, you can perform TONE-HR training on your corpus. The scripts can be used to either regenerage your .cfc files from scratch, or to incrementally improve them.

To retrain all users, the Master and User retraining scripts are required. The Master script is executed either manually or periodically and must be run as root. An individual user can retrain her/his filter using only the User script, which runs as the user account.

Note: It is an open question whether periodic (perhaps nightly) retraining improves a filter's ability to discriminate spam from non-spam. You will have to decide for yourself.

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