Big Blog Bizness

Our blog is living in a new, better place. Let's hope there are no annoyances ahead.

by Steve
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Big Blog Bizness

The events of the past few days caused me to rethink my approach to blogging. Long story short, I've moved the blog from WordPress to Ghost. Not that you care, but you will see some differences, mostly for the better.

  1. The posts look a little different.
  2. You need to “Sign in” to leave a comment. You sign in with your email address. You don't have a password. Ghost emails a link that you click to log in.
  3. If someone replies to a comment you made, you'll get an email telling you so.
  4. You don't have to sign in to read the blog, just to make a comment.
  5. In fact, you may rarely need to visit the blog because Ghost includes the entire post in the email notification, not just a link to the post.

I don't think you will see anything very different. If you have questions, just email me.

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